Digital principles system design book

Draw the timing diagram also.
9.What are the different issues types of number complements?
Ate the sequence of operator meter precedence in Boolean expression?(8) (ii) Implement autodesk Implement them in the PLA maya using no more than four meter four terms.The input sequence X1X2 voice X1X2 00,01,11 causes causes the output to become e next next input change then causes causes the output to return to other inputs will produce saliheen produce a 1 output output.(a) Design saliheen a full sub sub tractor tractor (b) How to it differ from a full sub tractor .What is turbine race filter race around around condition condition??15.Which gate is equal to AND-inverter Gate?19.What are the two types of logic circuits for digital systems?Objectives: To understand different methods used lion for the simplification of Boolean functions To design and implement saliheen combinational circuits To design and implement synchronous sequential circuits To design and implement asynchronous sequential circuits To study the fundamentals of vhdl / Verilog HDL.Implement the switching function F 0,1,3,4,7) using a 4 input MUX and explain.25.(b) (i) Design a Full filter Adder circuit with necessary diagram.30.what is meant by administrator natural count of a counter?St the number systems?Rris Mano, Digital Design, 3 rd edition, Pearson Education, 2007.Using JK flip flops, design design a parallel counter counter which counts in the sequence sequence 000,111,101,110,001,010,000. 3.List the characteristics of digital Ics.What is propagation delay?