Exemption u/s 10 means

Policy issued on or star after April 1st, 2003 but before April 1st, 2012 Exemption available only when annual premium payable exceeds 20 of computing sum assured.
A also received.1,00,000 from HUF.
Amount received legendado at the time of fatal termination means If certain conditions are satisfied, then lump sum amount received from such fund, at the time of windows termination of service, is exempt in alliance the hands of employees.Section 10(19A) Income from one palace of a wars former ruler Annual value students of any one palace or a twitter portion of a palace in the occupation of a former ruler shall be exempted. Income of Registered Trade Unions Section 10(24) The following legendado incomes of registered trade unions are exempt from tax : Income from house property.Section 10(38) of income tax act Long Term Capital Gain on transfer of shares and securities covered under Security Transaction Tax (STT) When the transfer of securities are not chargeable to star tax to any individual then long-term capital arises, following conditions should be satisfied:.(b) If gratuity is also received Commuted julgamento value of 1/3rd of pension which he is normally entitled to receive.Tax so paid by Government of India or a State Government or an Indian enterprise will be exempted.e., it will not be grossed up with the income of the foreign company. Income of Investor Protection Fund Section 10(23EA) Any income by way of contributions received from recognised stock julgamento exchanges and the members thereof, of a notified Investor Protection Fund set up by recognised stock exchanges in India is exempt from tax.It's not that I'm against a playoff but the financial reality of the situation is that the current bowl system without any doubt whatsoever generates more revenue than any 8 or 16 team playoff format ever could.The above exemption shall not be available for the profits and gains of any business which is carried on, on behalf of or by any fund or institution referred in points (iv) and (v) above or to the profits or gains of any business undertaking.Exemption of Income Received by Regimental Fund Section 23AA Any income received by any person on behalf of any Regimental Fund or Non Public Fund established by the armed forces of India for the welfare of the past and present members of such forces.Funds should not be invested or deposited for any period during the previous year otherwise than in any one or more of the forms/modes specified in section 11(5).And on top of that, there's nothing to stop any FBS team from dropping down to the FCS level where playoffs are in effect. Any income attributable to a farm house subject to satisfaction of certain conditions specified in this regard in section 2(1A).
Payment received under Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster (Processing of Claims) Act 1985 Section 10 (10BB) Any amount received under the provision of such Act or any scheme framed there under shall be fully exempted but in case payment is received against a loss or damage.

Income from international Sporting event Section 10(39) Any specified income exemption u/s 10 means (which is from such international event and which is notified by the Central Govt.) of specified persons from any international event held in India shall be fully exempted if such event is approved.
In the case of public sector companies, if there is a scheme of voluntary separation, it shall also be according to the said prescribed guidelines.
Amount received as subsidy from or through the Tea Board Section 10(30) In the case of a taxpayer, who carries on business of growing and manufacturing tea in India, the amount of any subsidy received from or through the Tea Board under the notified.