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Hearing the remix sound of the spell hitting, test Lucy wonders what could be happening, but also recalls the conversation she answers had with Natsu players before the battle, in test which she conveyed to him that she always believed in storytelling his power.
Gajeel finding the dragon graveyard was players moved.Lucy having a flashback of Natsu was never seen bingo in the manga.This Fairy Tail architecture episode is available in High Definition only through AnimeJolt in English Subbed and Dubbed.The sequencing of events was severely answers changed in the anime: Yukino's conversation with a guard was moved.Carla's premonition and the scene of Levy writing were moved.In the stands, members of Fairy Tail and those familiar with Natsu all watch him on test Lacrima screens, remembering his ferocity and undying nature when he battles for his friends.As everyone praises Natsu for his victory, Natsu comments that it is only the beginning, and, together, the Mages vow to unite and make Fairy Tail the number one players guild in Fiore once more.After the two talk for a bit, Levy wonders where Gajeel is, the Dragon Slayer himself still walking below the arena, wondering why it would be filled with Dragon skeletons.As the figure relents and turns to face him, Jellal can only stare on in utter disbelief at who they are.Jellal pursuing the dark presence guide was moved to after the hooded figure shed a tear.Sting and Rogue then launch their combined attack, and the guild all stand in wonder as Natsu makes no apparent move to dodge.Episode 175 Screenshots, natsu.Natsu, though, seems to block his punch with little effort, contemplating aloud that maybe Sting's powers are half-baked.In Mercurius, Yukino listens as a member of the army tells her of Sabertooth's loss, the ex-member commenting that she has no attachment to the guild any more, and that she is also not used to the title of "Sergeant". Watching this episode also works on mobile, so you can download Fairy Tail Episode 175 in high quality on any device now.
Confirming their words of praise, Natsu pushes Sting back, also managing to rebut Rogue's Shadow Dragon's Roar when it is fired at him from behind.

As the moon rises over Crocus, Jellal follows the hooded figure, and, when he believes they are away from prying eyes, removes his bandanna to reveal his face, approaching and asking them to do the same.
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