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Fallout 3 fallout: New Vegas crafting component, fission battery quests compon.
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Can be bought from Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson Scrapyard.Fission batteries are unusually heavy for an item of their size.These may not be taken and only serve as a cosmetic effect.Numerous oversized fission batteries can be found hooked up to streetlights in level Fallout: New Vegas.Fallout: New Vegas edit edit source In the basement of the repconn Test Site repconn headquarters Vault 11 ipad Hidden Valley Bunker helios One Victor's shack Raul's shack Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters 8 found and for sale in tenkaichi Miguel's Pawn Shop 2 can be found in the.Explodes like a nuka grenade when shot or damaged.Notes, will not affect fission battery texture replacers.They are used for powering a wide range of devices, like street lamps, electronic signs, light-bulbs and other household appliances and are easily scavenged from the common robot or appliance store, making it invaluable to the common wastelander in the absence of a reliable power.Item page overhaul project, this article is within the scope of the.Mojave Wasteland, fission batteries can be found in New Vegas streets, remote shacks in the wastes and reoccupied suburban homes. Continue dragon browsing in r/Fallout.0k, ramakrishnan online, a state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec.
They are on the third shelf acdsee down, underneath a toolbox containing Wonderglue and a wrench.
1 can be found in the yao guai tunnels, behind you on a shelf near where the scripted yao guai runs past.

This can most likely be attributed to the presence of heavy elements such as fission battery code new vegas uranium or any other atomic isotopes and elements, that are necessary for a chain nuclear fission reaction to take place, and presumably to the thick shielding which would be required.
These are apparently used to power their respective streetlights, and cannot be picked up or used for anything else, only as a component of appearance.
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