Map of border between syria and turkey

Syrians have protested along the points border english in rural Idlib, about the border situation and about how the Turkish awave army bulldozers have cleared parts of Syrian land to secure the border area, including destroying Syrians' orchards and farms.
A 39-year-old mother and her three children aged between eight and 14 years and another woman of 40 years of age were killed by the blast.One Turkish episode border guard was killed in the engagement, reportedly the first armed clashes between Turkish government agents and anti-Assad militants.I used to be a teacher but no longer the schools are occupied by refugees.Syrians fear that if they try to stand up to the Turkish officers, then they would close the humanitarian crossing full in the village, a vital source of supplies for episode villages in northern Syria.Whereas those who can pay are able to enter Turkey self easily, those without money risk their self lives on awave more difficult routes.Thirteen others, including police officers, were injured.A further attempt happened during the night of 12 December, when 15 infiltrators tried again to cross awave the border.We have great problems with indo the refugees living in the university city small rooms packed with people.The result, though, is that hundreds of fighters continue to cross into Syria, some with their families.Accessed ml "Blasts kill dozens in Turkish town Reyhanli on Syria border".Archived from the original on Retrieved ml Harro Ranter.Russia had The Siege of Kobani edit Further information: Siege of Kobanî In the early fall of 2014, episode the Kurdish town of Kobani, which turkey is yards from the Turkish border, was besieged by isis.Many of these Syrians are poor and displaced by the war, leaving them with little financial means to get into Turkey.Khirbet al-Joz, a border village in northwest Idlib, is one of the main transit points into Turkey and continues to face daily bursts of gunfire from the Turkish Jandarma.The source of the shells and their manufacturer remain unknown as Turkish authorities have not released a ballistic test.Saudi Arabia and, qatar, Turkey has also provided the rebels with arms and other military equipment.In May, a French woman and her two product children entered Syria from Turkish territory near Khirbat al-Joz. "Syrian Forces Strike Rebels in Wide-Ranging Assaults." The New York Times.
Ahmad muvee Abd al-Haqq is a Syrian journalist.