Odesk photoshop 6 test answers

odesk photoshop 6 test answers

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Answers: Adjustment Brush Spot Removal White Balance Graduated Filter.
What odesk is tally the shortcut for version zooming in an image?
Answers: Tool Presets Brush Preset Picker Brush Panel Opacity None of the above.Practice Test Free odesk 34 Freeware.A Merge linked b Merge selected maya c light Merge down d Merge visible Question: 97 In the given image, what does the highlighted option do full when the Crop tool is selected text from the toolbar?TestKing 3 Demo, it provides 642-813 questions answers full with explanations for test passing.Plastic Wrap Question: 38 Which type of slices has gray symbols as shown in the picture?B It shows only photoshop the adjustment layers.Which of the following file formats are appropriate for saving a high resolution photographic image intended for publication on the web?In font Photoshop, To create a perfect circle with Elliptical Marquee which of the following is/are correct?How you can remove a matte from a selection?Question: 14 Which command cannot be applied to racing composite channels? Deep knocks out to Shallow option.
A Overlay b Pin Light c Exclusion d Attribute Question: 65 Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding Photoshop?
Lift Work Area.