Programming scala 2nd edition pdf

Description, author: Vishal Layka Category: Programming Language: English Page: 260 isbn:, iSBN13:, description: Beginning Scala, Second Edition takes a down-to-earth approach to full teaching Scala that leads you game through simple examples that can be combined to game build complex, scalable systems and applications.
The Scala.12 series targets Java 8 and requires it for execution.
This book introduces you to the Scala programming excel language, its object-oriented and functional programming characteristics, and then social guides you through Scala constructs and libraries that allow you to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems.The book then walks you through different high-level image concurrency abstractions, resources each tailored toward a specific class of programming tasks, while touching on the latest advancements of async programming capabilities of Scala.Build high-performance concurrent systems from photo simple, low-level concurrency primitives.Transparently create distributed applications that scale across multiple machines.Integrate different concurrency frameworks together in large applications.Finally, the book presents an overview of when to use programming which concurrency library and demonstrates how they all work together, and then presents new exciting approaches to building concurrent and distributed systems.Packed with code examples, this true comprehensive book shows you how to be productive with the language and ecosystem right away, and explains why Scala is ideal for todays highly scalable, data-centric applications that support full concurrency and distribution.It also covers some useful patterns and idioms to use with the techniques described.Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that combines both functional and object-oriented features.Develop and implement scalable and easy-to-understand concurrent applications in Scala.12.Also, this book will appeal to Java developers looking to do cloud-based development.Design safe, scalable, and easy-to-comprehend in-memory transactional data models.Lastly, Ruby, Python, Groovy and other programmers looking for a higher performance and a more robust language will benefit.In this second edition, you will find updated coverage of the Scala.12 platform.Moreover, this highly scalable language lends itself well to building cloud-based/deliverable Software as a Service (SaaS) online applications.This second edition covers recent language features, with new chapters on pattern matching, comprehensions, and advanced functional programming.You will learn why Scala is judiciously used for critical business applications by leading companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, the Guardian, Morgan Stanley, patch Credit Suisse, UBS, and hsbc.Year review : 2014, pages : 586, language : English, file size :.5.File format : PDF, get up to speed on, scala, the JVM language that offers all the benefits of a modern object model, functional programming, and an advanced type system. What you will learn, get to grips with the fundamentals of concurrent programming on modern multiprocessor systems.
Seamlessly accelerate sequential programs by using data-parallel collections.
Book Description: Scala is a modern, current multiparadigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way.