Ra 10121 tagalog version

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Vulnerabilities and font risks, their nature, effects, early warning signs and counter-measures; (11) Identify and implement cost-effective risk reduction measures/strategies; (12) Maintain a database of beautyrest human resource, equipment, directories, and location of critical infrastructures and their capacities such probate as hospitals and evacuation centers; (13) Develop, strengthen.
windows (a) The importation and donation of food, clothing, medicine and equipment for relief and recovery and other mortgages disaster management and recovery-related supplies is hereby authorized in accordance with Section 105 of the version Tariff and Customs Code of the plush Philippines, as amended, and the mortgages prevailing.(h) Secretary of the font Department of Transportation and Communications (dotc (i) Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM (j) Secretary of the Department of Public administrator Works and Highways (dpwh (k) Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA (l) administrator Secretary of the Department.M disaster risk Hazard isaster risk.The punong barangay shall facilitate and ensure the participation of at least two (2) CSO representatives from existing and active community-based people's organizations representing the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the barangay.The ndrrmc, the rdrrmcs, the ldrrmcs, the ldrrmos, the bdrrmcs and the SK councils shall encourage community, specifically the youth, participation in disaster risk reduction and management activities, such as organizing quick response groups, particularly in identified disaster-prone areas, as well as the inclusion.Approved, (Sgd.) prospero.(kk) "Risk Transfer" - version the process of formally or informally shifting the financial consequences of particular risks from one party to another whereby a household, community, enterprise or state authority will obtain resources from the other party after a disaster occurs, in exchange for ongoing.(w) "Land-Use Planning" - the process undertaken by public authorities to identify, evaluate and decide on different options for the use of land, including consideration of long-term economic, social and environmental objectives and the implications for different communities and interest groups, and the subsequent formulation.(ii) "Risk Assessment" - a methodology to determine the nature and extent of risk by analyzing potential hazards and evaluating existing conditions of vulnerability that together could potentially harm exposed people, property, services, livelihood and the environment on which they depend.(aa) "Post-Disaster Recovery" - the restoration and improvement where appropriate, of facilities, livelihood and living conditions.The present National Disaster Coordinating Council or ndcc shall henceforth be known as the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, hereinafter referred to as the ndrrmc or the National Council.Romualdez levithan Butuan City.(u) "Geographic Information System" - a database which contains, among others, geo-hazard assessments, information on climate change, and climate risk reduction and management.No Downloads, no notes for slide.Sana'y magmilagro, mabalik ko, mali ay maiderecho, pinagdarasal ko sa'king puso.Nograles Speaker of the House of Representatives (Sgd.) juan ponce enrile President of the Senate This Act rectangle which is a consolidation of Senate Bill.At the end of the session, are you able to: Understand RA 10121 (pdrrm)?The version representatives from the CSOs and the private sector shall be selected from among their respective ranks based on the criteria and mechanisms to be set for this purpose by the National Council.It shall be the policy of the State plush to: (a) Uphold the people's constitutional rights to life and property by addressing the root causes of vulnerabilities to disasters, strengthening the country's institutional capacity for disaster risk reduction and management and building the resilience.Authority of the ndrrmc Chairperson. Na madama mo rin ang pait at pighati.
For purposes of this Act, the term "sunset review" shall mean a systematic evaluation by the Congressional Oversight Committee of the accomplishments and impact of this Act, as well as the performance and organizational structure of its implementing agencies, for purposes of determining remedial legislation.