Shp to kml converters

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Especially, when you patch want to hack convert asphalt a SHP file talk to KML, then there are very, limited software available to do that.
Step 3 : Finally, again from the games Layers menu, choose the Save as option and then specify metric the output format to Keyhole Markup Language.
So, whatever software you think is best, you can use that meiosis to convert your Shapefile.These software can precisely extract the coordinates talk from the shapefile that you supply to them and will create a corresponding Google Earth compatible KML windows file.Note that for converting shapefile to KML you must have shp along with shx file and dbf file.So, depending on your needs, you can go with either option.Free Shapefile to KML Converter for Windows to Convert SHP to KML: qgis, qGIS stands for quantum GIS.It lets you edit the coordinates and regions in a shape file and after that you can export it to KML.And if you know file format, you can correct the same as we can edit the kml professional in text editor.While shapefile is a Vector file, episode comprised of plugin three files.e.shp,.shx and.dbf extension.And one of the features of qgis is that it can convert a SHP layer to Keyhole Markup Language file, KML.This is a simple tool to convert a shapefile to KML and it does that in just a few clicks.The option -f (output file format) remain same for both.Intelligently places itself at the height of the underlying terrain.DNR Garmin is the best tool to quickly convert a SHP file to KML.It also lets you the specify the units to plot the geographical data on the map.Polygon Data KML file format shp to kml Placemark name The Pentagon /name practice Polygon outerBoundaryIs LinearRing coordinates -77.,38.,100 chicken -77.,38.,100 management -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 /coordinates /LinearRing /outerBoundaryIs innerBoundaryIs LinearRing coordinates -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 -77.,38.,100 /coordinates /LinearRing /innerBoundaryIs /Polygon /Placemark There are many option tags.The process is very simple with all of these software. After importing a KML file, it will show you the GPS data like coordinates from the Shapefile and will show them to you in a tabular manner.