The amazing race 22 episode 7

Once teams reunited on the company beach, they would structures be given their next clue.
Home sol; The Amazing Race sol; Season 22 sol;Episode 7: Be Safe and Don't Hit collage a Cow.Retrieved April 5, 2013.After completing the Detour, teams were instructed to search the game preserve storytelling for the Pit Stop.Lest you be tempted to feel sorry for the people of Switzerland, whose inbound tourism industry has been suffering more and more in recent years from guide the rise in value of the Swiss Franc, the flip side structures of this equation is of course that travel.Retrieved April 30, 2013.The Swiss won't like my saying this, but the simplest advice is to go someplace else this year.Leg 12 (United Kingdom United States) edit Airdate : May 5, 2013 30 Belfast (Port of Belfast) to Liverpool, England ( Port ebook of Liverpool ) Liverpool ( Liverpool Lime Street railway station ) to London ( Euston railway station ) London (Euston Tap) race London (.Once the racer engineer had successfully kicked the coconut over the finish line, teams could run to the nearby Pit Stop.Retrieved April 26, 2013.# Airdate Episode Viewers (millions) Rank (Week) 1 February 17, 2013 "Business in the Front, Party in the Back".Most Swiss wine is drunk as engineer table wine, and isn't as highly prized or priced even within Switzerland as imported wines."CBS #1 in Viewers, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 for the Fourth Consecutive Week".They had to shuck (open) them to find two red bingo pearls and then swim to an oyster farmer, where they could trade the red pearls for the next clue. "Top Programs Total players Canada (English April 7 April 14, 2013" indo (PDF).
Retrieved March 25, 2013.
TV later reported on comments from viewers found collage on Twitter whose complaints ranged from threatening to no longer guide watch the series or statements that the episode was "weird" company or "disrespectful to Americans killed in Vietnam".